Delchain Introduces Insured Custody, Cold Storage, and Staking of Digital Assets

Delchain, an innovative financial digital asset service provider looking to bridge the gap between regulated financial services and blockchain, today announces the update to its product offering, including cold storage in their insured custody platform and digital asset staking. 

Once a client is onboarded with Delchain, an offline wallet will be created to custody digital assets. These assets will be allocated to staking infrastructures that provide the best return on investment.

Delchain is a regulated financial services firm offering full-service multi-currency banking, asset management, trading, custody, and advisory to blockchain companies and individuals. The company is aware that the long-term holding of digital assets can introduce significant risks such as theft and loss of access to asset wallets in the crypto industry. That’s why they are leveraging their industry knowledge to mitigate these risks by offering protection, through recognized security and insurance and benefit clients, with the option to earn passive income on select digital assets.

Cold storage refers to the safekeeping of digital assets in a platform disconnected from the internet to reduce external threats. Delchain’s cold storage solution utilizes multi-tiered review and approval processes that ensure the authorization and accuracy of all transfers out of clients’ wallets.

“Delchain strives to be agile, and we are constantly looking to expand our digital asset ecosystem to cater to the needs of our clients. When we see a need in the industry that we can satisfy, we analyze how securely we can offer these services and how our clients can benefit.” Bruno Macchialli, CEO of Delchain, says.

Delchain’s custodial services let clients know that their digital assets are being stored and transferred securely. At the same time, the use of Delchain’s staking services will provide clients with the opportunity to earn the best return on their assets in a safe and secure setting that handles all aspects of the staking process. 


About Delchain

Delchain is a full-service and licensed financial firm supporting a wide range of services that connect the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency to the regulated world of financial services. Delchain’s services include multi-currency fiat banking, digital asset custody, capital markets, initial offering advisory, and staking. Delchain Limited (Delchain) is a licensed Financial Corporate Service Provider, regulated by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas.

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