Official Delchain Statement On Unsubstantiated Complaint Filing

We are aware of the recent news regarding a complaint that was filed against Delchain Limited (Delchain) with allegations related a token launch and issuance by Dreamr that are unfounded and unsubstantiated.

Projects in this space are not always successful. At Delchain we work to support our clients with a compliant launch strategy and then to provide regulated custody and conversion services. Delchain does not operate any cryptocurrency exchange and cannot control the decision or timing to list any token.

Over one month after the token listing, a press release was issued by Dreamr on Yahoo Finance where Dreamr’s CEO commented; “Thanks to the help of our partners at Delchain we were successful in reaching our pre listing capital goal”, and confirmed the listing was, in fact, successful; “Having the right partners on our project has made all the difference and resulted in a successful tier-one exchange listing that has provided the company a strong foundation to build upon”.

As a licensed and regulated entity, Delchain must provide the top-level standard of custodial services. Our clients are the ones who look for the highest level of safety and security. This means having in place processes and procedures to safeguard against cyber security threats, validate Identities, and continuously monitor account activities. Delchain provided its services in line with these compliance procedures and policies.

Delchain will continue to vigorously defend itself in this matter, including as to the proper forum for any such claims to be heard, and will assert any and all legal rights and remedies afforded to us under the law.

No further comments will be provided at this time as it is a legal matter, which will be taken forward by Delchain’s legal team.

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