What is Delchain? The company connecting the dots between fiat and blockchain-based finance

Are you new to virtual finance,  and need some expert help navigating the complex depths of cryptocurrency and fintech? Do you have an established company and are looking to unburden yourself of some difficult financial decisions? Or, maybe you are a start-up looking for some help in generating investments.

Despite the issue at hand Delchain can meet all of your needs. Delchain is a digital asset service provider that connects the dots between regulated, traditional financial services with fiat banking, and blockchain-based virtual finance and cryptocurrency. 

While Delchain is based out of The Bahamas and Singapore,it is also one of the only regulated financial and corporate services providers that offer the full spectrum of financial services you’ll need such as; multi-currency, fiat banking, and digital asset custody. We work with a wide range of partners across the industry — including Bitfinex, Kraken, Algorand, and Vechain — and we have a proven track record of shepherding companies through complicated capital markets and setting up their initial offering onto the public exchange with ease.  

We offer our customers a transparent, white-glove service that is both personalized and convenient, and we’re eager to explain in more detail what these services mean, and the wide range of benefits they can deliver, which include;

Multi-currency banking solutions

Delchain offers multi-currency banking services with fiat currency (regulated, government-issued currencies such as the dollar or pound). This enables you to avoid the dreaded exchange rate as you will be able to receive and send money in the currencies of your choosing. 

Delchain can also help to manage funds, assist with investment, and ensure your capital is being managed in the most effective way possible. 

Secure custody of digital assets 

Delchain provides secure custody of all your digital assets (blockchain-based cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or tokens). This means that if you invest in digital assets, the company will ensure that they are kept in the equivalent of an impenetrable bank vault. No one party will have access to all the details of the asset to be able to perform a transaction, thus ensuring their safety. 

Our experienced team also advises our customers about the most efficient ways to manage their digital assets in a financial world that’s growing more complex by the day. This means that your assets, whether they be traditional or digital, are kept in safe hands, and any doubts or anxieties about how best to protect and manage them will be eliminated.

A trusted advisor to help you navigate complicated financial systems

Among the other essential services Delchain provides is the safe navigation of capital markets for digital currencies. We offer fast and reliable solutions in trading, lending, and borrowing. 

We also provide market-making services (to buy and sell assets at a publicly quoted price) by employing human-like algorithms. These services are essential for individuals or companies that don’t have the time, knowledge, or experience to successfully marshal their finances through this potentially intimidating world. 

What’s more, Delchain also advises companies on how to establish themselves on public exchanges (initial offering). So if you are launching a start-up, Delchain will steer your company through the complicated process of selling tokens publicly and ensuring you receive expert advice on managing your tokens.


Another way that Delchain can offer assistance is in staking. This is the process in which you can receive rewards for simply holding on to your cryptocurrency in a secure way. All you need to do is to choose a recognized token to invest in, such as Tezos, Polkadot, or Elrond, and Delchain will lock in your chosen tokens, and you, the investor, will receive weekly rewards for simply doing nothing. 

As an individual investor, a newcomer to cryptocurrency, or an established company, Delchain is a very skillful and versatile ally to have to fight your corner as we offer a multitude of services that are very difficult to secure from only one company.

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