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Full Suite of Digital Services

Delchain offers a full suite of digital services to support blockchain technology companies in changing the world.

Fiat Banking

We can introduce you to a full suite of traditional private banking services. Manage your corporate or personal capital end to end.

Safe Custody

Our proprietary technology allows us to store a wide range
of cryptocurrencies for both individual investors and corporate clients.

Asset Conversion

Transacting between digital assets and traditional assets should be simple. We are your fiduciary, convert all assets within our compliant and transparent ecosystem.

Token Services

Our blockchain venture advisory pipeline connects you to the corporate infrastructure suite needed for you to focus exclusively on your project goals.

Fiat Banking

Benefit from a full suite of structured products, funds, and bespoke financial solutions with exposure to digital assets, traditional assets or a blend of both.

Manage your funds with
a multi-currency
fiat bank account.
Maximize your returns
while optimizing your
cash flow with the treasury
management team.

Custody Solution

We offer a comprehensive, secure, and insured custody solution for your digital assets.
Assets are placed in cold storage on hardware security modules which are kept in banking vaults located across multiple countries and jurisdictions.


Manual security checks are used to verify the identity of the authorized signatory and the validity of instructions.

Redundant Transaction Confirmation

The risk of internal theft is mitigated by ensuring that no one party has access to all components required to perform a transaction.

Physical Security Access

Hardware security modules are secured offline at all times within banking vaults across multiple countries and jurisdictions.

Hardware / Software Security

Our solution employs peer reviewed open source software clients, military grade encryption, and 3rd party tested and audited hardware security modules.

Asset Conversion

Convert Digital Assets to fiat currency or vice versa

24 Hour Conversion
Delchain offers fast, seamless conversion between any of your digital and fiat accounts with 24-hour settlement.


Delchain Instant
Offers instant conversion of your digital assets in cold storage. Eliminate any volatility risk by converting instantly with no compromise to security.

Token Services

End to end and ongoing support for your token whether you’re just launching a startup or have an existing token with significant volume.

Receive a landing account capable of accepting any type of supported currency or digital asset.
Ensure liquidity for your coin through our market making services.
Follow our token listing pathway and you will be listed on prominent exchange platforms, subject to their security review of your tokens protocol.
We will work with you directly throughout the Token process and beyond to ensure the success of your business.
A dedicated account manager will be available to provide a seamless, easy experience and quickly find a solution to any of your arising needs in regards to our services.

Supported Assets

Your wallet allows you to send and receive the digital assets stored within.







Bitcoin Cash














Ethereum Classic




ERC-20 Tokens